Monday, September 5, 2011

The last day of summer break :-(

Here are my babies on their last day of summer vacation.  Boo hoo!!!  I love hanging out with my kids and I feel like between me being in school and them spending almost a month with their dad I haven't got a lot of time with them.  They are all excited to go back.  I have 4 in full time school this year!  I can't believe how quickly time flies!  I'm so happy to be done school now and able to be home now with these awesome kids!
I'll post some more photos tomorrow when they go to school for an hour *rolls eyes at the pointlessness of going back for an hour the first day*
Happy back to school everyone!!

**Note:  I do not dress my kids alike...anymore!!  I used to try but I gave up last year.  Seems to me like the moment I gave up they all started doing it on their own :-)**

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