Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What's new in babyland?

I woke up this morning with some pretty decent cramps and after drinking a lot of water and having a hot shower they were still there.  Now I'm not usually one to worry but...THERE ARE THREE BABIES IN ME!!!
So I called my Dr. who sent me out to Surrey memorial hospital.
Side note-SMH is a joke!!  Their pay parking takes change or credit cards.  If you do not have $11.75 in change or a credit card you can proceed to the one place in the massive hospital who give change, and good luck finding it because no one really knows where it is.  Once you get your change make you way back to the pay station 2 levels down and half a massive hospital over and pay your $11.75.  And if you're me do it while cramping with 5 kids following behind.
OK back to the babies.  After sitting in the waiting room for over an hour I finally went up to the desk and told them I was going to go elsewhere if the Dr. didn't take me in soon.  Conveniently enough the Dr. just happened to be ready at that exact moment.  Went in checked urine, checked cervix, ordered emergency ultrasound and left again to wait.
One more hour in the waiting room with extremely patient kids and I go back to the desk and ask when this emergency ultrasound will take place and believe it or not when they called down to ask it was conveniently my turn.
Ultrasound was good babies are snug and adorable.  Their little arms and legs were waving around and one baby even did a flip lol!
Back up to the maternity floor to wait for the results.
45 minutes pass and I go back to the desk.  "Oh you're still here?" they say!
"Yes, may we go now please?" I say as calmly as possible.
"Hmmm, we're just waiting for your results, let me check if they are here"
she goes to a pile of papers that came up over half an hour ago.
"Oh yes here it is!"
I bite my cheek so hard I taste blood.
She goes to find the Dr.
I have a brief thought about lighting a fire.
The Dr calls me in.
"Everything looks good" he says "just try to take it easy"
"Can I leave this place now"  I say very very calmly
"Yep we'll see you in a few months!" he says cheerfully
I laugh.

So ya I gather my kids and spend the next half an hour telling them what amazing kids they are and how proud of them I am.
I must admit I bought chips, chocolate, and suckers on the way there to keep the occupied but still, they were amazing!
I'm so glad the babies are ok and I'm glad I went even though it was a nightmare.  These precious little babies are making me a little on edge compared to my other pregnancies.  Its uncharted territory and its messing with my head a little.
Oh and one other thing. The crazy Dr asked me if I was planning on continuing on with the pregnancy with ALL three babies.  WHAT???  What do you mean crazy Dr??  When I said yes of course I plan on keeping all the babies he proceeded to tell me all the risks involved etc.  Wow Dr. Crazy, you're crazy!


Shawna said...

You're one patient Momma!!! Yay for healthy babies, all 8 of them!

Cassandra-ann said...

So glad everything is okay with the babies . I had bad cramping this time around as well and it worried me so much , I cannot imagine how much it must worry you know there are 3 babies in there!
The parking sounds like my hospital. Such a pain !


Oh and a tip for the play dough ( or any other messy activity ) . We use plastic trays , each of the kids get one and the rule is they keep there mess on the tray . Makes clean up so much easier :-)

Vanessa Z. said...

Glad to hear they are all comfy! I found the SMH maternity clinic to be a HUGE JOKE. I had nothing but bad experiences EVERY TIME I went there. The first time I went, I wanted an hour and a half just to tell her that I was a new patient. Hope you don't have to go there too often :o)