Monday, September 5, 2011

13 weeks and another trip to the hospital

There's the belly @ 13 weeks.  I really can't imagine what it will look like 20 weeks from now!

I've been feeling pretty good this last week I even think I managed a couple days puke free!  Then this morning I got up at 5:00 am to go to the bathroom and I was bleeding.  Not spotting, bleeding.  Luckily I was too tired to panic and just laid in bed and waited until the kids got up.  I couldn't decide what to do.  It was a pain and very costly taking all the kids out to surrey with me last hospital visit and they weren't very helpful anyway.  I eventually decided to just go to my local walk-in clinic and see if they can check me and try to get the babies heart beats.  When I got the the waiting room was completely empty which is seriously unheard of in a town with only one walk-in clinic open during the day.  They got me in and checked me.  The Dr. said she could see my cervix bleeding a little.  She wanted to get an urgent ultrasound done.  I told her I had no one to watch all my kids so she would need to organize it so i could just go in get it done and leave with no waiting around.  She called out local hospital and they said to come right over and they would do it right away.  We got there and the hospital was empty.  Apparently people take the labour day holiday pretty seriously around here.  I was in and out in less than half an hour. She didn't let me watch her do the ultrasound which really bothered me but at the end she told me they were all fine and my cervix showed no change.  Yay!  Another disaster averted!
The Dr. I saw asked me if I was taking it easy and I said yes but now thinking about it I cleaned and reorganized my whole house this weekend.  I'm thinking just because I slowed down for me doesn't mean I'm actually taking it easy.
After the hospital we picked up groceries etc. and now we're home and committed to just chilling out for the rest of the day.  I'm beginning to think this pregnancy isn't going to be as easy as I had originally assumed.
 **I'm dedicating this post to my amazing kids who never whine or complain when they have to tag along on these boring trips to the hospital.  These kids seriously rock!**

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joss said...

your kids are awesome and i am relieved and glad u and those amazing little babies are gonna be ok! totally miss u at school! now get ur ass on the couch and chill woman or ill come out there and duct tape u down lol