Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Xavier is 10!

So I thought a great way to get back into blogging was to start with updating you all on my kids.  What better day to start than today with Xavier on his 10th!!! Birthday!!!

I'll do TEN things about him since he's TEN!

1.  Xavier is a genius and I'm not just saying that because I'm his mom, for real.
2.  Xavier loves his siblings  but tends to complain a lot about being the oldest.
3.  Xavier loves anything with wheels that he can drive.  The faster the better.
4.  Xavier loves to build lego more than play with it.
5.  Xavier loves his momma very much and will do anything to make me happy.
6.  Xavier is more stubborn than anyone I have ever met in my life.
7.  I am often almost envious of Xavier's confidence and try to encourage it as much as possible.
8.  At 10 years old Xavier is about the size of the average 7/8 year old but he makes up for his size in attitude.
9.  Xavier does not like any sport that makes him tired.
10.  I know for a fact that Xavier will be a very successful adult no matter what he does, and again I;m not just saying that because I'm his mom.

I bought Xavier a wicked BMX bike for his birthday and we had a cul de sac party with the 12 kids in our neighbourhood.  I fed them all chips and hotdogs but no cake yet.
So there it is post number one in 2 1/2 years!!
There is a ton of exciting stuff going on in the Hicks house right now and slowly but surely I will blog all about it!!
Check back often ;-)


Vanessa Z. said...

WHOO! This makes me so happy!! Looking forward to many more posts to come!

Maguiresaunt said...

Glad you're back Jennifer...I've missed your blog!