Sunday, May 31, 2009


Charlette Marie, born May 30th

8lbs 11oz

This child is seriously adorable!! I took so many pictures in the hospital yesterday I felt like the paparazzi!

Carl's sister Laura had a pretty rough labour but well worth it I think ;)


auntie B said...

I would like to NOM on those cheeks immediately!!! Why she so delicious???? If I don't get a chubber of my own I'm gonna be kinda mad.

mummyof5monsters said...

awwww great picture.

jILl PeTeRsEn said...

What a beauty! I can never get enough of newborns! Congratulations Auntie!!! PS- I always loved the name Charlotte! She's not a small baby either! At least compared to my babies.

mommytoalot said...

Oh she is just so beautiful.

BoufMom9 said...

Congrats! She is just beautiful!!!!!