Friday, August 26, 2011


Ok so I don't have much time but I wanted to get this post up.  Are you ready?  I'm pregnant...with 3 babies!!  Yep triplets my friends.  Gods way of giving me the even number of children I desired.  I would have been happy with six but eight will be just as even :-)
I had an ultrasound today and heard little heartbeats.  The ultrasound took over an hour so I got to lay back and watch them swim around on the big screen.  It was AMAZING!
I'm really happy with the Dr. I have and look forward to getting to see him every 2 weeks!
My next ultrasound will be on the 23rd of september and I am hoping to see genders by then!!
All the babies are progressing perfectly and the Dr. said I am the lowest high risk possible lol, whatever that means.
So here are the pics more info to come after my next appointment.
Oh I'm due March 13th but will likely deliver in February.

 Baby A
 Baby C
 Baby B

All three babies


Shawna said...

I knew you always wanted more...SO happy for you! XoXo

Cassandra-ann said...

That is amazing Jennifer!!! I am SO SO happy for you :-) :-)
Now i am dying to know (and you dont have to answer ;-) But were they conceived naturally ?
(just curious thats all) Because i am so happy for you! WOW!!

Many prayers for a safe pregnancy with your little bundles xxx

Hey now we are blogging preggy buddy's ;-)

Cassandra xx

Anonymous said...

Oh wow! Congratulations!!! Suddenly my family feels very small!

All the best with your babies, and family!