Thursday, May 29, 2008


Oh Lunden! Lunden is the baby of the family. The birth of two younger sister has not changed his status and I don't think anything ever will. Lunden is such a sweet little boy. He melts my heart when he looks at me and tells me I'm the best mama ever. Now as much as I love the affectionate nature of my son it doesn't come with out a downside. Loving, sensitive boys cry ALOT! I would say on average he cries more per day than all the other kids put together. He will cry over anything from being hurt to getting a drip of water on his shirt. Along with the crying comes the drama. Last night when he and Georgia wouldn't stop fighting I sent them to their rooms. After screaming and crying for an extended period of time I could here him saying something between sobs. I went to his door and peeked in. He stopped crying when he saw me so I asked him what he was saying. He looked me straight in the eyes and said "This is breaking my life" I'm not sure exactly what he was trying to say but I told him to stop being so dramatic and that he could come out when he was ready to be nice. Along with being a sensitive baby Lunden is absolutely hilarious!! The things that come out of that boys mouth have us all in histarics most of the time. Example: We are all sitting at the table eating our breakfast quietly when Lunden puts down his spoon and pauses. We all look at him wondering what he is thinking and he says "Well...if you give me french fries my moustache will go on fire" Again not sure what he was meaning or thinking about but will be laughing about that for a while! As crazy as Lunden seems sometimes I almost envy his amazing imagination. I can't remember ever being able to play the kinds of games he does. He is very content to sit on his own and play with whatever is in front of him and for that I am very grateful!


Vanessa Zacharias said...

What a little character! Sounds like he is a very sweet little guy!

Sabrina said...

He sure is a cutie!

Bari said...

The people want you to finish writing about the rest of the kids. Give the people what they want!