Thursday, May 29, 2008


Speaking of growing up fast, there have been numerous comments made in the last couple weeks, from friends and family, about Georgia's sudden maturity. Grrr...will this never end! I must admit I see it too. She is turning into a very active little girl. She still dotes on Calleigh ever waking moment but her relationship with Lunden is quickly deteriorating. Lunden and Georgia have fought pretty much since day one. Last year I would say 99.9% of the time Georgia was the instigator but now they are on pretty equal grounds. A couple months back I really thought they were starting to get along but these last couple days prove differently. This too will pass! Anyway back to how wonderful she is! Georgia is a smart girl. While Klausine is smarter than average and Lunden holds his own we haven't seen this kind of genius since Xavier. She was a bit of a slower starter than he was but boy oh boy has she ever surprised us. It seems like overnight she is speaking in full sentences and thinking beyond a normal two year old. In my experience girls are a little more cunning than boys so I am making sure her genius is being used for good and not evil. As much as I wish she could stay little forever I am very excited to see the amazing things she will do in her life.

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