Monday, April 16, 2007

A trip to the ER

Today was a day to remember. It was Calleigh's first trip to the ER. Her stuffy nose from last week has turned into a full blown chest infection. She hasn't been eating very much in the last day and coughing quite a bit so I took her to my family Dr this morning. He said she has a chest infection and her lungs sound a little congested. He gave her a prescription and said if she gets any worse at all take her to the ER. On my way home I decided I really didn't want to wait until she got worse. The Dr mentioned something about RSV a serious respiratory problem for newborns and I really didn't feel like taking any chances. I went to MSA and they were no longer taking people in (after I sat and waited 2 hours). I headed over to Chilliwack hospital and they took us in right away and we saw the (very hot) Dr. right away. He said her lungs were clear and it was just the infection. I feel much better now.
I will update again later

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Andie said...

My youngest had RSV... and let me tell you.

It was a year of hell. In and out of MSA... 4 days in 3 weeks out... 4 days in 3 weeks out. We sold our home in wack and moved to abby just so I could be with her. One day I will tell you the entire story. But what a test that yr was... and a bit of the next.

RSV is not something to be messed with, so I am so happy... very happy your little peanut does not have it.