Saturday, April 14, 2007

Georgia is heading to juvie

As most f you know Georgia loves to torment her siblings until they scream. She is not satisfied unless they are screaming. Up until now she has been pretty good to Calleigh except pulling her hair a couple time. Before dinner I fed Calleigh and put her on the couch. I headed in to the kitchen to set the table and within seconds I heard a thump and Calleigh screaming. Georgia had reached her delinquent little arms up onto the couch and pulled her off. Carl thinks we need to hand a little hammock from the ceiling to put her in for safe keeping. I learned my lesson today that's for sure.


Theresa said...

You're so good about posting! Thanks for all those gorgeous photos. It's rainy and cold here but it looks like you guys had a wonderful day. Hope the macaroni and cheese was good :)

Jeanette said...

Gee, I really love all your cool pictures,thanks for taking the time to do it, Jen, and Carl, that smoked salmon looks yummy, the proof was in the eating eh? Good for you two for choosing something other than, no. I once heard that 'no' was the first word babies learn, so good for you for turning that concept around to a positive.
Funny, Jen, I was craving some macaroni and cheese a couple of days ago, I almost bought the Kraft dinner....Mom Hicks