Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Skipping school

We all skipped school today. It was just not a good day to go to school, ya know? Klausine is so tired I am getting a little worried. Last night Carl took her to gymnastics for picture day. They were playing a warm-up game and she needed to go to the bathroom. Carl took her but when she came back they weren't playing the game anymore. He said she had a complete meltdown and would not participate in anything after that. Even when it came time to do the class photo she would not go. Now I could see this happening with Lunden or even Xavier but never Klausine. She is so easy going all the time, this kind of behaviour is unheard of. Luckily there is another class her age that meet on Saturday so her teacher said we could try again.
Xavier was supposed to have baseball last night but the cancelled because of a little rain. Wimps...
I would like to take this opportunity to say what an amazing husband I have. Yesterday I called him at work and asked him to come home so I could take Calleigh to the hospital. I know he hates to leave work but he didn't complain at all and he was home in record time. I left him with a lot of work to do . He had to go pick up Klausine at school, take her to ballet, come home and feed them, take her to gymnastics (and be mortified by her behaviour), pick up Xavier from Wesley's, take Xavier to baseball where he stood and waited with a few other parents for the coach who din't show up. That's not all, I met him at baseball and we went home together. He had the kitchen all clean and proceeded to make teriyaki chicken and rice for dinner while I sat on the couch and complained about how tired I was. After dinner I had to go to the store to get milk and Calleigh's prescription and when I cam home he had all the dinner mess cleaned and put away. What a guy! He may not be very romantic be he sure knows how to take care of his family. That is pretty romantic to me!

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