Friday, February 9, 2007

Yet another sick day

I kept the kids home from school again yesterday. I figured since Klausine and Xavier weren't feeling the ear infections yet I wouldn't risk them going to school and running around and then feeling it. I am really glad they stayed home because we had a really nice day. Xavier and Klausine were so well behaved yesterday I felt like I had won the lottery! They were downstairs playing nicely by themselves almost all day. Every time I snuck down thinking I was going to catch them doing something bad I was surprised to see them playing all sorts of great make believe games. By the time I went to work I think they were getting tired of hearing me say how good they were, but I couldn't stop praising their excellent behaviour. What a luck mommy I am!

While they were playing downstairs I was upstairs trying to make Georgia and Lunden stop crying. After going down for an early nap Georgia felt much better

Lunden on the other hand tried his best to feel better but was in a zombie state for the majority of the day. The only thing he would say was "Mommy, I sick." This was him saying smile and giving it his best shot while he was in the bath getting all the sick crust off

"Good try Lunden! Try again and smile for mommy.""Smi-ol" he says

Well needless to say he really wasn't feeling well. We managed to get all the crust off and got them back into their PJ's in time for Daddy to come home and cuddle for a while.

They all slept pretty well last night and seem to be feeling much better this morning. Xavier didn't really want to go to school this morning but I think that is just because he had so much fun yesterday. Once I reminded him it was gym day he seemed much more willing to give it a try. I did tell his teacher to call if he was feeling too sick.

I have two days off now which is perfect timing to get ready for Georgia's party on Sunday. I actually don't really know if anyone is coming because no one has replied to my email invitations. I guess it's time to get on the phone and start calling around.


Carolee said...

Poor baby Lunden!! He looks so sad! At least Georgia's looking a little peppier. Hope this nasty sickness leaves your house very soon!

Matthew said...

Yeah me too. Like before we come over...