Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Four kids equals....

Now, on most days in our house four kids equals four times as much fun, love, cuddles, kisses, Lego sculptures made just for mommy, beautifully colored pictures cut into a bunch of little beautiful pieces and so on. Today was a little different. Today four kids equals four ear and chest infections which equals four prescriptions for stinky medicine. Now I understand why Georgia and Lunden were crying all night last night. Three of our sick babies have no problem taking their prescription but one little sick baby has to be restrained and forced. Can you guess which one??

Not this one....

You guessed it, sleeping beauty will have nothing to do with his medicine. He even watched everyone else take theirs and ask for more but didn't care. Luckily Carl was there to hold him down while I forced him to take it, should be interesting getting him to take it at breakfast and lunch tomorrow!

So anyway I am glad we made the long trek out to our Dr. in Surrey because I could not stand another night of Georgia and Lunden taking turns screaming in pain. Hopefully we caught Xavier and Klausine's in time so they won't have to feel the infection at all.

I was so excited to be able to watch Xavier's last night at hockey tonight. I must say he has really improved since the first class. His skating is awesome and he is learning fast how to handle the puck. All we need to work on now is his attitude. he gets very upset and frustrated when they play their little games and he can't get the puck and score. Carl and I desperately wanted to yell out to him to knock the other kids out of the way but that goes against everything we have been teaching him up until now! I'm sure with lots more practice he will be ready for real hockey next fall.

I attended my foster parent info session tonight. It was incredibly informative and confirmed to me that this is what I would like to do. The next step now is to fill out a questionnaire and see if the pick us to do the training. The only thing they may see as an issue is the amount and age of children we have. I stayed after and talked to the lady running the show and she said to go ahead with it because they are so backed up it could take over a year to get all the paperwork done and by then the kids will be a bit older. I am excited to see where this leads us.

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Andie said...

Good luck with the fostering thing. It takes a big heart to do something so wonderful! Good for the both of you!

I hope your babies are better soon!