Friday, February 9, 2007

A few good deals

Pay day today so that means my weekly trip to the consignment stores. I am amazed at the deals I found this week. Last night Klausine was really upset because I gave Xavier the pj's that Corey had grown out of and given us. I found the exact same pair today in her size and in pink instead of blue. They were very exited that they could now be twins! I also found a few cute little sleepers, but the deal of the day was the two baseball gloves I found for $5 each. They were both brand name and one was a little smaller than the other. Perfect because Xavier and Klausine will be starting baseball soon. I also gave in and bought a pair of cowboy boots for Lunden that I have been looking at for about a month now. I was waiting to see if they would go on sale but they don't seem to. Lunden was so excited he hasn't taken them off yet!


auntie b said...

Those boots are awesome! We are totally coming with you next time!

Carolee said...

Nice haul! Let's hope this new girlie looks good in pink, too!