Sunday, February 11, 2007

Georgia's Birthday!!!

Yeah Georgia's one!!!

The party was a big success. Of course Georgia had the birthday blues for a while but seemed to get over it when we started to open the presents. I have never seen a one year old open presents so well, she loved every minute of it. Here are a variety of pictures because I can't really describe it all...

She loved all her new clothes but I think her favorite were the new babies.
She headed off for a nap as soon as she finished opening her gifts. Everyone hung out and ate and chatted for a while. Thanks a lot for coming everyone!!


auntie b said...

Happy Birthday Georgia! We have some more presents for you to open next week, I hope they don't make you cry :(

Christine said...

We had a great time.
Happy Birthday Georgia!!!!!

Andie said...

How great! Such a doll she is.