Monday, February 5, 2007

What a weekend....

What a crazy weekend!! Friday night Georgia got really sick and actually cried all night. Now I remember what newborns are like! She ended up falling asleep at about 6am and slept until 7:15am. Lunden got up at 6:10am so I really did not get much sleep. We decided to go to swimming lessons anyway but Georgia and I sat out and watched and took a few pictures.

After swimming we headed out to Surrey where I planned to spend the day while Carl, Xavier and Klausine went to Monster Trucks. We made some lunch and got Carl all packed up and ready and they headed off at about 2pm. They had pit passes to see all the monster trucks before the show. Their night turned out to, overall, be really fun. Unfortunately when they headed back to the road they had parked the van on it was not there. After asking around they found out about 80 cars on that street were ticketed and towed. he was given the address of the tow yard and told to go pick it up. He had to walk from BC place to the tow yard which is under the Granville street bridge. Not a short walk especially with Klausine on your shoulders. But in the end they made it and got the van back. They didn't make it back out to pick us up until about 12:20am.

While they were out at Monster trucks Lunden, Georgia and I hung out with my mom and watched her do all of our laundry. It was like winning the lottery taking home all those clean, ironed clothes. Thank you mom!

Saturday night was Lundens turn to be up all night coughing and throwing up. He is a little trooper and felt well enough in the morning to go back out to grandmas house for Uncle Wayne's birthday lunch. We didn't stay long because I was exhausted from too many sick nights. The lunch was delicious and it was great to see great grandma and grandpa and Uncle Wayne.

So after that weekend I decided to keep everyone home today and make one last attempt at getting them to have a nap. Tomorrow we will be back at the normal craziness...

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