Friday, February 2, 2007

Lazy, Lazy....

All the kids are in bed for a much needed nap so what am I doing just sitting here?? Before nap time the kids and I managed to get a few things picked up off the floor, and the kitchen looking usable again. I guess I work better under pressure. It seems like my whole body just shuts down on my days off. Maybe the midwife was right, maybe I should slow down.
Tomorrow is another very busy Saturday. Swimming lessons first thing in the morning, then back home for a quick shower and change before we head out to Surrey. I am going to drop Carl , Xavier and Klausine off at the skytrain where they will head off to a long day at the Monster Truck show. They have Pit passes so they will get to have a close up look at all the trucks between 3pm and 5pm. Then they have a couple hours to kill before the show starts at 7pm. I think they will all have a blast. Xavier was a little disappointed that Klausine was coming but I explained to him this is an equal opportunity house and I think he understood. I will try to get Carl to take some pictures but I am not sure he will remember in all the excitement.
Last night I got the pleasure of putting most of my babies to bed. I put Georgia to bed then came downstairs to spend some time reading to Xavier and Klausine. We had a really nice cuddle and they went to sleep. When I came upstairs Carl had already put Lunden to bed so he and I snuggled up on the couch for some much needed mommy and daddy time. About an hour later we heard Lunden quietly calling for mommy. Carl gasped and realized he had told Lunden I would come in and say goodnight when I got back upstairs. I quickly went to his room trying not to cry and he looked up at me so happily and asked if I would cuddle with him. I got into bed with him and he told e all about his gymnastics class, right down to what he was wearing! I stayed until he fell asleep, then went back to cuddling with Carl until I fell asleep. What a nice night.

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Carolee said...

Awwwwwwwww. You mean he stayed awake all that time waiting for you? What a sweetie pie!

Nice that you got in some snuggle time with EVERYONE!!