Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Sunday, Monday

We were able to get a lot more cleaning and organizing done on Sunday, Yeah! We managed to get our room spotless and the furniture moved around so we could fit an armchair and bassinet. This was a huge job because our room had turned into the house dump since Christmas. It is so nice to go in there! We also had the kids clean under the couch cushions, and the actual couches. They all had fun taking turns vacuuming. We decided since they had been so helpful all weekend we would take a break and go skating. Lunden tried out his new skates, but I think they are a little big yet!

Everyone was still pretty exhausted from the Beauty and the Beast night so they didn't last very long skating. We came home and everyone had a little rest and I headed off to work.

Today was a professional day for Xavier so we went over to Cory's house for a family play date. Klausine woke up a little sick this morning but had a blast playing with Cory's older sister. After that we took Klausine to school and came home to fold laundry. I think I managed to fold about 11 loads of laundry. We picked Klausine up from school and headed to ballet. Half way through ballet Klausine started feeling sick again so we went home. Within an hour she had a full blown fever and was unable to move off my bed. Poor Baby! She gets sick fast and stays sick with such high fevers I think I have a few sleepless nights ahead of me. I went to work and Carl put the kids to bed early, I hope!

Can't wait to see what adventures tomorrow brings...

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