Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Good Dr visit

I just got back from an appointment with my midwife and everything seems to be coming along quite nicely. She has no concerns, other than me looking tired, and thinks everything will go according to plan. I have to go back every two weeks now, and next month she will come to our house to talk in detail about the home birth.
Georgia stayed with Christine (Cory's mom and my co-worker) while we went to the Dr. This is one of the first times she has been babysat and I am hoping she hasn't cried the whole time. I feel pretty confident she was ok because when we were over at Christine's house the other day Georgia toddled over to her and layed her head in her lap. I am going to meet her back at school when Xavier is done. Should be interesting...

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Mom Hicks said...

Jen, I am happy for you to see that Georgia will happily stay with someone else, so you can relax while away.
How is Klausine today?
Good for you!!