Wednesday, January 10, 2007

No Power, everyone head to Tim Hortons...

Crazy weather today. The wind was blowing, it hailed, it rained, and it snowed. All the while the power was out everywhere in Chilliwack except the Tim Hortons where I work. That was the busiest I have ever seen the store. We were out of almost everything by 7pm and couldn't even come close to keeping up making new stuff. Although come to think of it, It did make the time go by very fast.
It was so windy this afternoon when we went to get Klausine from school Lunden almost got blown away. We were all rushing back to the car and I faintly heard Lunden crying out "Hep me mommy, Hep me" Then he said to the wind on a very firm voice "NO BLOWIN' ME" I turned around to see him really struggling to stay on his feet. I tried not to laugh too hard as I grabbed his hand and we ran to the car!
Better head of to bed now only a couple hours until we start another day

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