Tuesday, January 9, 2007

I am so thankful...

Ok so I am feeling a little gitty right now because Xavier went over to his friend coreys house to play and klausine is at school. That leaves me here with my two quiet babies. It has been a long time since I had this kind of free time! I decided to take a few minutesto write a list of what i am thankful for, more for myself than anyone else. So here it goes
I am thankful for....

The knowledge that getting overwhelmed is useless and the world actually doesn't come to a screeching hault if the dishwasher isn't emptied right away and the laundry is piled up.

The fact that Xaviers teacher recognizes he is brilliant and sends him to the grade one class for half the day to participate in their reading program. Without her continually challenging him I think he would loose he passion for learning quite quickly.

Klausine being able to go to preschool four days a week now instead of just two.

Georgia walking. Now when the new baby comes it won't seem so impossible to care for a newborn and a one yr old!

The new childrens clothes consignment store that opened. They sell really nice barely used newborn sleepers for $1.50 and $2. I am especially thankful because I seem to have misplaced at least one box of my newborn girl clothes. DUH!

My husband almost always doing all the things on the honey do lists I leave him every night when I go to work. He doesn't evn complain! I am so so lucky!

Finding a job where I can work fulltime but only miss out on a couple hours a day with my babies.

Owning two vehicles, not having to make car payments, and having a husband who can maintain them.

Klausine loving her dance class. I am living through her since I never got to be in ballet.

Discovering ice skating. It is cheap, great excersise and the kids love it!

For carls new medical plan. It saved us about $200 on perscriptions over the holidays.

All the stuff carl and I got for christmas. Everyone not only spoiled the kids but us too. Neither of us were really expecting anything for christmas. So thanks again!

Having so many people love in our lives that love our kids. It is really touching!

Having family that care so much about us and would help us anytime without hesitation. I mean do help us all the time!

I will continue this list later but right now Lunden really wants to go upstairs and watch"TB".
I should get All the freshly clean laundry folded. I did finish folding everything last night but as usual there are about 5 new loads. I am so thankful we have a big washer and dryer that work perfectly!

By the way thanks for the breakfast ideas. I forgot about yogurt I'll give it a try. Keep the ideas coming...


Anonymous said...

God is good! And, hey, what's not to love?!


PS Google won't let me log on under my name :(

Jennifer said...

Google is beig really weird right now something about doing site maintenance??

Anonymous said...

Yes, it's been strange all day. Hopefully they'll be finished soon!


Anonymous said...

wow jen that sure warms the heart to hear you have time to recognize all the little things and be thankfull for them love laura