Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Gas, Gas, Gas

The Buick is leaking gas. Approximately $60 worth on my driveway. This morning after scrapping all the snow off the car I started it up and noticed the $60 worth of gas carl had put in the night before was gone. Not only did the needle read empty but the smell was everywhere. I can still smell it now. Upon closer inspection I noticed all the snow around the car was covered in gas and the ground was slick. Now what do I do? I took Xavier to school hoping the car would make it but now I am back home thinking it isn't very safe to drive a car that leaks gas. I called carl at work but they went out for breakfast because the power is out. They assured me he would call home as soon as he got back. So here I am on the busiest day of our week with one child stuck at school and a car that may explode at any second. I think my next step will be to have a shower because the smell of gas is starting to make me light headed. I will let you all know what come of this mess!


Theresa said...

Indeed, that does sound dangerous. I think it evaporates quickly, though. Update??

Andie said...

When I was younger I drove a car that leaked gas out of the engine over night (not$60 worth thank goodness)... It never caught on fire... but I always wondered if it could!

I will check back later.

Kaila said...

Uh-oh! That's no good but I feel your pain if not your light-headedness the other day I was driving home from work and my car's alternator went! Haha so looks like I have to get a new car and then I can't get in trouble for coming to see you!! Keep us updated! We miss you!