Thursday, February 2, 2012

Alright Alright!

Here it is my friends.  Once you see this picture you may understand what has been keeping me from blogging ;-)

I had just finished painting the master bedroom/baby room when I took this picture so excuse my disheveled appearance.
So as of today I am 34 weeks and 4 days.  I hurt.  I feel huge and heavy.  Today I kinda want to give up.  Luckily I am way too stubborn to not have these babies the way I have planned.
On February 19th I will be going to BC Women's hospital to be induced and have these 3 little girls vaginally, the way I was meant to have babies :-)
My last Dr's appointment was on Tuesday.  Here are the numbers from that appointment...
Baby Weights
A-6lbs 1oz
B-5lbs 9oz
C-5lbs 4oz
My perinatologist is shocked.  He says he can even see a nice layer of fat around their not so little bellies.     The girls are big for singletons and like my other kids they seem to have short legs and chubby tummies :-)
My blood pressure is still good I'm suddenly gaining weight.  I'm up 40 lbs now.  I have a feeling at least 10 of those pounds are water in my extremely swollen feet and legs.
I can still sleep.  I sleep an hour at a time. After an hour I either have to pee or I'm too sore and need to switch positions.  I go to bed at about 8 with the kids and get up with them in the morning.  After I drop them off I go back to bed until about 11 and that seems to be enough sleep to get me through the rest of the day.
All the baby stuff is ready with the exception of the diapers I am just starting to prep today.  I feel ready. I think my body can make it.  I'll try to update again before the big day :-)


melynda81 said...

You look mahhhh-velous! You're doing amazing growing those little girls and I can't wait til your 'big day'! I know it's going to go exactly as you have planned! <3

Married to the Military said...

OMG That is coming soooo soon. I can not believe that you have made it this far! I want to be there when you deliver lol. Think I can catch a plane in time lmao....

debi9kids said...

you are amazing! Truly amazing!
Good for you!
I only made it a few days past you with twins and mine were 4 lbs each.
Clearly, your body was made for this!

auntie b said...

Put that away you are scaring the children! (and the aunties!) 35 weeks is amazing, keep em cookin.

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Great exciting news. keep us posted! All the best with the birth.

susan said...

Wow look at that belly! It's awesome! Seth was 5lbs 9 oz & was a singleton & full term - so those babies of yours are doing great! Way to go Momma!!

Laura and Samir said...

34 weeks is an amazing place to be; Congrats! I can't wait to hear the birth story...when are they inducing you?

Caitlin said...

Far out! Those babies were certainly putting you on stretch! I'd say I look forward to hearing how it all went, but that would be hypocritical since I'm still only halfway through my birth story so haven't posted it myself. It's just so darn hard when you are so busy, right? Hope the triplets birthday was a good one for you though - and them!