Sunday, November 13, 2011

23 weeks

Alright here it is...a new picture.  Looks like I've grown a little to say the least.  I'm also including a picture of the day I gave birth to calleigh so you can compare it to 23 weeks pregnant with triplets :-)
At my last Dr's appointment the babies looked super!  Every appointment I go to is better and better.  Babies A and C  weigh in at 1lb 2oz and baby B who's stuck in the middle is smack on 1lb.  I'm so proud of my little girls they seriously couldn't be any healthier.  I may have even found a Dr who will consider letting me deliver these little one vaginally!!  YAY!!
Ok so here are the pictures.  View at your own risk.

42 weeks pregnant with Calleigh, baby #5

23 weeks pregnant with triplets!


debi9kids said...

oh my goodness! You look ready to deliver and oh my, I SO remember that with my twins.
Hope you continue to have a great pregnancy and that you're able to deliver the way you want :)

Cassandra-ann said...

I think you look great Jen ! So glad all is going well with the babies !!
Cassandra xx

Cindy said...

you look great how is the pregnancy oming along?

Cindy said...

oh and I opened a new blog...!/pages/Married-to-the-Military/244822308915238

Anonymous said...

praying for a safe pregnancy for you and your girls!