Friday, September 9, 2011

Baby A must be a girl

I had an appointment with my specialist Dr. Still today who I love love love!  He's old and grandfathery and always knows exactly what is going on.  I have great confidence in him.
My appointment today was just a regular prenatal appointment but due to some bleeding and cramping over the last couple weeks he decided to do an ultrasound.  Now keep in mind this is the third one i've had over the last couple weeks so I am pretty convinced he won't find anything like the people at the Surrey hospital and the people at the Chilliwack hospital.  In true Dr. Still fashion within seconds of placing the thingy on my stomach he saw the problem.  It looks like baby a is threatening to vacate my uterus and take its placenta with it if I don't SLOW DOWN.  Baby A's placenta is starting to separate from my uterus.  It sounds dramatic and after 20 weeks can be BUT prior to 20 weeks the placenta can actually heal itself and this could all be forgotten.  Dr. Still suggested 10 hours of sleep at night and 2 hours of straight laying down in the morning and 2 more hours in the afternoon.  With most of my kids in school full time I think I can do it!  I want these babies in as long as possible and if that means no more after school trips to the beach then so be it!

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Anonymous said...

Love Dr Still, we had him when we were going in so much with Violet. To quote my family Dr "when Dr Still talks everyone listens" Owen thought he was a very nice old man! Still laugh when I think of him saying that! LOL