Sunday, September 11, 2011

14 weeks

wow, ya that's my belly :-S
I've been feeling much better this past week as far as puking is concerned.  Well that is until Saturday when I threw up so hard I burst a bunch of blood vessels around my eyes.  I tried to take a picture of my eyes but my camera is kinda crappy at up close pictures.
So all in all I feel like I can probably survive another 20 weeks.  I can't wait for my next ultrasound on the 23rd!  I'm hoping they can see what sex the babies are so I can start to prepare!

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Caitlin said...

Looking good. I can't believe you are juggling a triplet pregnancy with 5 kids! Total legend. Here I was thinking life was crazy with two on the ground, 3 on the inside. Keep up the good work, and hope that more help comes your way so you can continue to rest to make it to the finish line.