Thursday, May 8, 2008

I shouldn't be blogging about this but...

I will anyway! I'm not one for negative blogging...or at least I try not to be. Today I am so sick with sadness missing my hubby I can hardly think about him without crying. I am sick of him being gone all the time. I miss having someone to talk to at night and watch survivor with. I miss having someone to take over the discipline with the kids when I've had enough. I am tired of driving all the time. We are out of milk. I realized too late. The kids are in bed. I can't leave them alone. I don't think anywhere around here delivers milk this late. We will be having cheerios with water on the for breakfast.
Tomorrow is Klausine's birthday. I had to take her with me to buy her new bike :(
If Carl was here she wouldn't know she was getting a bike and she would be so excited to open it tomorrow. I want to get her a couple more little things. I realized too late. I don't think anywhere around here delivers birthday presents this late. Klausine will be getting air fresheners and a new pack of baby wipes for her birthday.
Poor me.
Poor kids.
Blah, blah, blah....
I'm ready to make a big change...any suggestions?


Theresa said...

If you can somehow make it work budget-wise,maybe Carl could work closer to home? I guess it depends on what you're ready to give up... Your children just had a dream vacation - that's the stuff they'll remember, not watery Cheerios :)

Val said...

Here is a suggestion... CALL ME! I am home a lot of the time. And if I am not, at least you tried! I seriously don't mind watching the kids for a LITTLE (lol) bit if you need to do something as important as buying her a b-day gift!

I feel for you....I couldn't do it. I know how it is having to drag the kids around sometimes but all the time...I would go crazy!

One day we will be family ;) so we may as well act like it now...ha ha. Seriously, al you have to do is ask!

Hope you feel better! :)