Saturday, March 15, 2008

Loosing it

*warning this entry contains a lot of graphic feeling sorry for myself.*

So here we are half way through March and I feel like I am yet to be organized for this school year. Last year by this time we were in a nice little groove and everything ran smoothly. This year on the other hand I can't seem to get it together. I am finding it so difficult to remember where all the kids have to be. I'm glad when we get to school and I haven't forgotten one of them at home let alone remember to bring fairytale costumes or home reading books! Yes I do have a calendar and I try to remember to write everything on it but then I forget to look at it in the morning. I end up panicking after we have left the house and having to call around, looking like a complete idiot, to ask my friends where I am supposed to go. I need a fool proof system to help get my butt in gear before I am sent to the loony bin.

Ps. Carl has been away for a long time and I am finding it a little difficult to stay positive :(


Laura said...

I seriously do not know how you get your kids to school at all let alone remember home reading etc.! From all I can tell you're doing a great job and your kids seem happy! I can't imagine how long the times that Carl is gone must feel, sometimes waiting until 5:30 when Brad gets home is painstaking enough!

Shawna said...

Ahhhhh -- Isn't it a horrible cycle! You don't want them to grow up too fast, but gosh it's hard dealing with being everything from bum wiper to driver to nurse.

Praying your days are getting better and that Carl will be home to give you a break (or a sleep in) soon!

Sabrina said...

I've been having the same issue. I jumped out of the shower to my doorbell ringing and it was the dude who trims our horses hooves. I totally forgot it. Lately I forget everything!!! I'm sure being on your own doesn't help much either. I hope he is home again soon!

Canadian Kristin said...

Ah, Jennifer. When you figure out that fool proof system.....puhLEEZE let me know what it is..... I have the same horrid problem and often have this panic of "did I leave the baby in the laundry room???" as I'm driving down the road......oi!
May God grant you peace, help, and a system SOON!