Saturday, February 9, 2008

A trip down south

Yesterday my 5 favorite shopping buddies and I decided to skip school and head down to the states. We were ultimatley looking for a new double stroller but also had a few other things in mind. We went to target first where I found a great deal on carseats. Since we are driving down to dinseyland in a few weeks I figured I was justified in buying these really nice brand name carseats for $60 each. The carseat we had were old and uncomfortable so I am hoping these new ones make the trip a little more enjoyable for everyone! We didn't end up finding a stroller but I think we will go back in a couple weeks and try to find a toys r us for a little more selection. By the way, the kids were so good being dragged in and out of the mall and walmart and everywhere else I stopped.
PS. my spellcheck is not working for some reason so sorry but this is the real me ;)

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Shawna said...

Great deal on car seats and FYI if you are looking to go to Toys R Us in the Us of A you will have to go down to Lynwood (sp?) just outside of Seattle as we no longer have one in Bellingham!

FYI - I bought my Peg Perego double stroller on craigslit for $200.00 - originally over $400.00