Monday, November 5, 2007

Xavier's first game

Xavier had his first hockey game on Saturday. We had to be at the rink ready to get on the ice by just after 7:30AM. That early in the morning it is usually a chore to get the kids focused enough to get ready but Xavier was so excited we got out the door in time. I think most of the excitement stemmed from the fact he got to play goalie! Other than spacing out a couple time and not really moving side to side in the net, Xavier did a great job. He even made a few sweet saves! I was really amazed by how well the team played together. They skated great, passed really well, and even had a few good shots. Their coach, Ron, has done a great job with them in these short couple months I am so excited to see what they play like by the end of the season! No pressure Ron ;)

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