Monday, November 5, 2007

Gymnastics king

Lunden is loving gymnastics even more this year!! He is getting so good at the balance beam. I love that he's the teacher's pet and he really likes his teacher Grant, even though he is a bit of a drill sergeant!

{Spoken in a thick Asian accent}

"Lunden, Lunden hold you legs up!!!"
"Lunden, Lunden you push with your hands!!"
"Lunden WHAT are you doing?"
"Oooh Lunden what was that?"
"Lunden where are you going?"
"Lunden you can do it, Lunden do it! DO IT!!"

I find it hard most of the class to not laugh! He does it all in fun, I think. The kids do listen well...
I should also say he tells them a lot what a good job they're doing. It's just not as funny as when he's yelling at them.

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