Monday, September 10, 2007

The school system

So Xavier is in grade one. I am finding this just a little difficult. I don't like just leaving him there all day. I really miss him and think 6 hours at school without me is way too long. He doesn't eat his lunch because he is too excited to go outside and on top of that they are hardly supervised outside. Was there really that big a change in their maturity over the summer that now when the bell rings they just let the kids leave?? Would it be too much to ask to just wait for the parents fro at least the first month?? Xavier's new teacher is grumpy. I want her to love him and gush over him like everyone else. Now I know I only met her for about three minutes this morning and at that point she had never met him but still...Oh who am I kidding I just don't want him to grow up. Boo Hoo...poor me *sniff

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Theresa said...

Your first baby is in grade one! I can hardly believe it... It feels like last year that he made such a dramatic entry into the world via Mom's bathroom. Be brave!