Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Things I learned on our trip to Alberta

Seven people in a seven passenger van is too many.
The only thing worse than not having a DVD player in your vehicle, is having a DVD player that only works sometimes.
Adult gravol knocks kids out for 3 hours and 48 minutes
11 hours in the car is 10 hours and 55 minutes too long after four night of staying up way too late
Babies under 20 lbs fit very nicely in hotel room dresser drawers
Xavier is good at being at wedding (his words)
Lunden insists the snot running into his mouth is OK to eat because it is 'turkey water'
Kids can still get colds while on vacation
It is almost impossible to remember everything when you are packing for 7 people. (Sorry I forgot your socks AND underwear Carl)
Kids can't sit still and be quiet at a wedding even if you drove 12 hours to get there
Little tiny toys are not fun in the car, they get lost and make children cry
Flashlights are not good in the car, they make mommies car sick when they are constantly swung around in the back seats.
Our kids do not like fast food not matter if we are on vacation or not
West Edmonton mall is really expensive and no more fun than a regular mall for kids under six
Road trips are not a great way to introduce children to vacations. Our kids never want to go on "vacation" again!

We did have a great time seeing all Carl's family. The kids were really well behaved for the most part and the wedding was beautiful. I'll upload some pics later.

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mom said...

Hysterical!!! Especially Lunden - who's child is that, anyway?! (Good thing he's soooo cute!)