Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Sunday night and Monday night when I got home from work my wonderful husband had hot, BBQ hamburgers ready. Since all the kids were in bed sleeping we got to eat them while they were hot! Now I thought cold BBQ hamburgers were good but these hot ones were amazing!! It has been years since either of us had a hot one and boy oh boy did we forget what we were missing.
In other news Klausine started soccer camp yesterday. She had fun but said it was too hot to run around so much. Today should be better because it is a lot cooler.

Last night we got an invitation to Carl's cousins wedding in Drayton Valley AB. So it looks like the Hicks are goin' on vacation! Nothing could be more fun than a road trip with 5 kids!! In all seriousness we are so excited to go.
I caved. I got cable back. They should be here this afternoon to switch it back on. With Carl working two jobs and me running the kids around during the day and working full time at night we need some down time after the kids go to bed. Mindlessly sitting together and watching TV is a great way to relax at the end of the day. I have been having trouble sleeping and I think it's because I go, go, go the try to fall asleep. I guess we will see if it helps...

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