Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Is 5 really THAT many??

I take the kids everywhere I go. We all go shopping together, to the Dr together, church, school, sports, you name it we all do it. Anyone who knows us knows my babies are very well behaved in public (home is a different story:0). Since having Calleigh the comments from complete strangers are almost non stop. Are these ALL yours?, How many of them are there?, Is this a day care?, Wow your hands are full, Oh I could never have That many kids, How do you do it?, How many do you plan to have?, and so on and so forth. I even had one woman tell me not to worry I would enjoy them when they got older. I am usually very polite and just smile and nod but who has the verve to imply I don't enjoy my babies. Do you think I would have had 5 in 5 years if I didn't enjoy it. I will admit I snapped at that woman just a little. Maybe it is because I am in the middle of it, but to me 5 is not that many. Carl and I have been discussing having T-shirts made answering all these "important" questions the public must know. So if you are out and see a large family and just have to say something I suggest, Oh what a beautiful family! and leave it at that.

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christine said...

Love the t-shirt idea :)