Wednesday, July 4, 2007

catch up again

Now that I have recovered from the party on Saturday I can catch the old blog up! Sunday was really nice. We went to church in the morning the headed out to Surrey for lunch with the family. We celebrated a late fathers day with a delicious salmon and rice meal. After lunch we headed over the 'the ranch' (Carl's parent's) and had some fun looking at their huge garden and eating some yummy berries. The kids all had a blast riding on, and driving, the lawn tractor. Monday was spent cleaning out the van and spending a little time up at cultus. It took Carl and I about three and a half hours to get it clean. Funny thing is we didn't even wash it we just took everything out and vacuumed. So sad....
We did have fun at Cultus even though we had to leave a little sooner than we wanted due to Xavier's ears not working so well.
Tuesday was our first official day of no school! It was a bit of a let down for some reason. I imagined lazing around all day hanging out with the kids but we had a birthday party to go to and i ended up getting called into work early. Oh well I have the rest of the summer to perfect that lazing around dream!

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