Wednesday, July 4, 2007

And now today

I love that school is out! The kids and I lounged around this morning then went to Abbotsford to sign them up for a summer camp at the fish hatchery. After that we went out for lunch then headed to Cultus again. We had a really god time playing in the water and drying off by running around at the park. I am really proud of myself for having no problem taking them all to the beach by myself. I really find they behave a lot better when I am alone with them. Not to say I don't love spending time with other people it's just nice to have them to myself sometimes. Now we are home and the babies are all having naps while Xavier and Klausine play in the backyard. This is my only day off until next Tuesday so I plan on going grocery shopping and getting as much laundry done as possible.
There is one picture of Lunden and Georgia with another little boy who was trying to take their bucket. It was so funny to see them work together to get rid of this kid. Lunden did the talking, and when that didn't work Georgia stepped in and yanked the bucket out of his hands! At least they were getting along...

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Shawna said...

Looks like an amazing day! I'm proud of you that you have 5 kids let alone taking them all to the beach for the day!