Wednesday, June 6, 2007

new segment

This will be an on going segment in my blog. I don't have a title yet but the subject is, things that don't happen with your first born. These will be based on actual occurrences in our house. I only have a few so far but I am sure to have more as time goes on.
1. You never loose your firstborn in the house. I misplaced Cali when she was a couple days old and could not figure out where she was even though I could hear her staring to cry. Turns out she was in a basket of clean laundry in front of the dryer
2. You never have to pick toothpaste off your newborns forehead. Thanks Georgia for decorating the baby.
3. You never pull over a block from home to make sure you remembered to get the baby from upstairs and put her in the car seat. Seriously got out of the van to see if she was in there...
4. You can always remember your newborns name. I just stopped calling Cali, Georgia.
5. You would never know your newborn likes the taste of roast beef even though she can't swallow it. Thanks for sharing Lunden but lets wait a couple months to try roast beef again!
That's all for now. I need to go upstairs before Carl gets home so it looks like I was doing something productive!

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auntie B said...

The new segment should be called Laugh out Loud because thats what I did through the entire post.