Tuesday, June 19, 2007

In over my head

This week I decided that laundry would not take over my precious two days off. I loaded my 7 huge baskets full of laundry into the van and took it to the cleaners for their wash and fold service. I feel 90% relieved and 10% guilty. There was too much and I felt a little overwhelmed so there you have it.
I have been enjoying my day off so far by going to Starbucks, and playing dress up with the kids. I plan on going grocery shopping, and to beavers tonight and that is about it! What a slacker...

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auntie B said...

Way to go on the drop off, we are so all about it. I don't care if I ever have a washer/dryer again. Once in a while you need to splurge for sanity so good on ya.