Monday, June 25, 2007


A few months ago a read an article in our local paper about fostering cats and kittens for local shelters. They talked about being in desperate need so I called and signed up. I figured since we needed to wait until our kids were older to foster kids we could practise with kitty's. I had all but forgot about offering my services when they called yesterday. They asked us to take in three kittens two sisters and one unrelated male. They are not sure the age of any of them but the are able to eat real food and use a litter box. I could only snap a shot of one of them because they tend to hide where we can't get to them. I will keep trying to get the other two. We have only named one so far. She is a white and grey part siamese who tried to escape from the car through the barley open back window. We decided to name her crazy. The kids call her crazy bread. I am not exactly sure how the whole thing works but I think we just keep them until someone is interested then they come and pick them up. I guess we will just have to wait and see.

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Andie said...

We have thought about fostering animals too. But I think I want to foster puppies??? Maybe I should call them.