Monday, June 25, 2007

Catch up

Party at the pool.


Last day of school.

Klausine's haircut.

So I neglected the blog all weekend but I am prepared to catch everyone up now.
Friday, I have no idea what we did. I know Carl went to work and I went to work but other than that I don't remember.
And then there was Saturday...the day nightmares are made of. OK that was a little dramatic but it was a crazy day. Carl had to work all day and I was left to take our over scheduled kids to their million and one activities. We had a baseball wind up and BBQ, a scouts BBQ, and two birthday parties all over town. I am pleased to say we made it to all the events except the scouts BBQ which was double booked with one of the parties. The kids did really well but by the time I left for work they were all pretty tired.
Sunday we went to the flea market and ran a couple errands before I went to work at 3:00.
Oh I forgot the best part of Saturday, Carl and I went out together when I got off work. We had Christine's son Ian come over after all the kids were sleeping and off we went. Everyone from work was going to the pub down the road from us so we went along. We had a really fun time getting to know the owners, who I love, and just being with other grown ups. Ian did a great job looking after the sleeping babies. I can't wait to do it again.
I was just about to download some pictures and I remembered what we did Friday. In the morning I had and appointment with a really fancy photographer to discuss getting family pictures done. Then we headed over to the hairdressers to get Klausines hair cut. After that I went to a tire place to get my leaking tire fixed. When they took it off to fix it they saw it was seperating and could not legally fix it. A new tire turned out to be only $30 so I got them to put one on. While I was there I got them to look at the other front tire because it was leaking a bit too. The same thing was happening to the it so I got them to put a new one on that5 side too. When they were taking it off the rim they saw it had been put on by them a few months before and they have a warrenty agaist it seperating so I got a free tire. What luck!! After running home for a quick lunch we went to Klausine's class for her last day party. She made a beautiful kite and had fun playing with all her friends. I had to leave the party early to take the van in for an oil change. I was a little nervous about the oil change because they always seem to find a million other thing that need to be fixed. I am happy to report the van is in decent health and just needs a little transmission flush and a couple cosmetic things fixed.

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mom said...

Whew!! What a day! Glad you all made it through in one piece. As for the tires - God is good!