Friday, April 13, 2007

Feeling better

Well my nose is really stuffy again so I can't smell the stinky house anymore. Lunden and Georgia went to sleep well and Calleigh is still sleeping from 11:30am. Klausine and I did dishes and cleaned all four booster seats from the kitchen table. We had no ingredients to make healthy cookies so I opted to not make anything at all. Klausine was just as happy washing all the dishes. When we were done our work we sat down and did each others nails and make up. Klausine put some orange bronzer stuff on my face which is why I am such a gross colour in the picture. Now she is all dressed up on her snow white costume and we are going to go back upstairs and fold 5 loads of laundry. Klausine is really good at folding towels, so good I don't even have to re-do them when she is not looking. Carl will be home soon and I think I will take Klausine to the video store and let her rent a movie for a cozy night in tonight. I'm back on fire!!

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