Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Back at it

Well the day has started off pretty well. Calleigh slept well last night but Georgia was sick. I think it was just a new tooth because she's fine now. I got everyone up and fed before taking Xavier to school. I managed to send a few emails and feed Calleigh constantly!! She can't wait for my milk to come in. When Klausine is done school we have to head out to Surrey to drop our tax stuff off to out accountant. Dinner is as ready as it can be and the house is still clean. I love the honeymoon period after a baby is born!!


Andie said...

My milk always took about 4 days! And mine were all wanting to eat as well.

Anonymous said...

WOW, I love those pictures, Xavier, you look so handsome and Lunden too. All the kids are so happy, what a good Mommy, please take some time for yourself, Jenn. You deserve it.
Hey, I missed seeing a picture of my Princess, Klausine...
Granmma Hicks