Friday, March 16, 2007

Spring Break

Hooray we made it to spring break!! I am trying to get a few minor things accomplished today but nothing is really working out. Hopefully this is not an indication of how the rest of spring break will go! I have got to kick this sickness before the weekend is over, I am so tired of feeling congested. Carl and I both felt like we had nasty sinus infections last night and I heard him coughing when he left this morning. I feel like my face is in a vice but the bronchitis seems to have cleared up quite well. It may be time for a new stronger prescription...
Xavier went to Wesley's after school which means a bad mood when I go to pick him up. He is always mad because it wasn't long enough or he didn't get to do something he wanted to. I think after i pick him up I will bring them all home and try to get them to have a late nap.
Carl's parents are coming over for dinner tonight so I need the quiet time to get dinner ready. The kids are really looking forward to seeing them!
Carl is going to work some overtime tomorrow which is really good since we are very short on funds right now. I am so excited about my mom coming over and helping me prepare for this new little baby that should be here in the next week or two! It will be nice to feel organized again.

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