Monday, February 26, 2007

The weekend has come and gone.....

Once again the weekend has come and gone too quickly.

We had swimming lessons on Saturday which were fun as always. We had to rush out of the pool after because Xavier had to be at the boy scouts Beaver Buggy races. They made little wooden cars and all the beavers from around chilliwack got together to race them. Everytime we participate in something like this we are amazed by how disorganized this group can be. Each child was supposed to race their car 10 times and every time they race one of the leaders marks what place they came in. By the time most of the kids were on their 3rd or 4th race they were bored and easily distracted so they weren't paying attention when the leader asked who's car is this. There was a 10 minute delay between each race of 2 or 3 cars. Needless to say it was a long afternoon. I think Xavier had a lot of fun and that's all that matters. He ended up coming in second for races 1-9 then first on his last race.

After the beaver buggy races we headed to the mall to try to find Xavier some new shoes. We looked everywhere but couldn't find anything we liked at a reasonable price. I think I am going to have to head out to the mall in Abbotsford to get a better variety.

We came home just in time for me to get ready for work and Carl to make some dinner for the kids.

Sunday was a little more eventful. Before we got the puppy we were searching for an older dog who needed a loving home. We couldn't find anything over the month we searched so we gave in and bought the puppy. Within days of bringing Ando home I received an email about a one year old Lab cross who needed a home. We couldn't resist!

Briggs comes from a family with 5 kids who had to get rid of him due to one of the kids allergy. He is a very nice dog but is full of nervous energy right now.

His owners didn't train him but they did keep him extremely clean and well groomed. I have never seen a dog with such shiny teeth!

So we went and picked him up yesterday and then headed straight to the pet store to get him a crate to sleep in. I shouldn't say his previous owners didn't train him because they did crate train him for at night. I am a new believer in crate training so I was very happy. He did very well in his new home last night and I expect him to get better every day he feels more comfortable!

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