Tuesday, February 20, 2007


I was having a major craving for caramel popcorn last night so after the kids went to bed Carl and I attempted to make some. I could have just gone and bought some but the craving was more for the whole process of making it then eating it. I had no Idea how complicated it is to make! Luckily it turned out very well even though I accidentally grabbed the maple flavouring instead of vanilla.

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Carolee said...

That's some good lookin' popcorn! The weirdest craving I had (I don't remember with which one of you)was for the action of ejecting the used bullet casing out of a rifle - you know when you pull the whole trigger part down and then click it back in place? I imagined it over and over and over... I told Grandpa about it years later and he said I should have said something at the time - he would have let me use his rifle!