Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Monday is always a hectic day. Everyone has school plus klausine has ballet. Now I have added another class to our list, rhythmic gymnastics. Klausine tried it out and loved it. It was so cute to see her out there with the other little girls just smiling away. The smile did not leave her face the whole time! So now at 5:00pm an Mondays you will find us sitting watching Klausine doing all sorts of fancy gymnastics moves!
I think I have started the nesting stage of pregnancy. My heart has been racing since yesterday just thinking about how disorganized the house is. Last night I began little by little reorganize thing that really bothered me. The Tupperware cupboard for instance no longer has unmatched Tupperware. If it didn't have a lid it went in the recycling. Since Carl is a bit of a pack rat this process makes him uneasy. He did promise me we would clean up on Saturday. We agreed we would take the seats out of the van and fill it up once to go to the dump and once to go to charity. That is a good compromise because I am willing to get rid of half of our belongings!
I spent $80 at wal-mart today on cleaning supplies. It was $80 I didn't really have but I felt a slight sense of relief knowing I am able to clean anything I fell necessary.
I have successfully completed about 85% of the laundry and I have started about 10 other projects. I have about a month to get a lot done but if I can keep up this panicked pace I'm sure it will all get done!
Better go start dinner, Carl is working long days now so I feel like it is the least I can do to have dinner ready when he gets here!

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Andie said...

$80 on cleaning stuff... oh man you poor girl. But I too like to have all the cleaning stuff on hand. I have been trying out the windex wipes lately...I kinda like them. not caring the bottle around, however they do dry out real fast.

A good clean out always feels so good!

How fun for Klausine, Tori has decided that she is going to finish out ballet for this year and start gymnastics in the Fall.

So with basketball, dance and gymnastics well underway I think it would only be totatally crazy of me to add swimming in! LOL... ok maybe I will put it off til after Easter.

Greg and I are forever doing the dump run in spring... how does all this crap add up?