Wednesday, February 14, 2007

It was a happy Valentines

Well Valentines turned out really well. The kids loved their blanket/pillow combo, Carl was very excited about his book and I loved the roses Carl brought me! I must say though the best gift Carl and I received was from Xavier

In case it is hard to read it says, Happy Valentines day, you do the best job taking care of us Thank you. It is pretty hard to not tear up when you read that. We also got stuffed animals, a toilet paper roll parrot, a heart mouse, and 11 cents. What a kid!

Since I didn't have time to make dinner we decided to go to the Pantry (kids eat free Wednesday) for a special Valentines day dinner. Xavier and Klausine got all dressed up for the occasion

We had a decent dinner even though the restaurant was terribly under staffed. I actually ended up leaving an application with them to be a hostess or server.
Last but not least here is the picture of me and my belly. If you can get past the size of my belly you can see my new haircut.


Anonymous said...

OH the whole day sounds wonderful! Friends of my husbands family own's the pantry. And they seem like very nice people... maybe even nice enough to work for... good luck.


Carolee said...

What a great day and what great pic's! And what a nice family!!