Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentines day!!

Our Valentines morning started early with all the kids up before 7am.

They were all very excited because they got to have cereal for breakfast and it had 'Valentines day milk' on it!

The milk is pink if you can't tell in the pictures. Xavier was telling Klausine it was milk mixed with something. I informed him it was milk mixed with love for Valentines day. Then I noticed the sunrise was really pink and pointed it out to him. He was so excited that the sky was pink for Valentines day. He proceeded to tell Klausine that God made the sky pink with love for Valentines day. My son is so sweet I can't get enough of these things he comes up with.

While everyone was getting dressed Georgia fed her baby. She hasn't put the babies down since she got them for her birthday.

After we dropped Xavier off at school we headed to the midwife. I got a clean bill of health and will see her in a couple weeks for my home visit. I measured about 4 weeks bigger than I am so it will be very interesting to see how big this baby is when she comes out. I will take a picture of my belly tonight when Carl gets home so you can get a better idea of just how big I am!

I gave up on trying to find time to make cookies for Klausine's class today so I think we decided to get some donuts instead. There isn't enough time in the day...

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