Saturday, January 13, 2007

Yet another restful day

Friday was another day of rest. The kids got up at about 6am which normally isn't too bad but after working until midnight and coming home and cleaning up a huge kitchen mess I was feeling less than energetic. Klausine doesn't have school on Fridays so we only had to make one trip to and from! When we got home the kids played hide and seek, which in our house turns into count, run and shriek. Then when I had finally had enough I made them some bagels and chicken noodle soup. After lunch everyone looked so tired, myself included, I decided we should ALL have a nap. Now this may sound easy but getting four kids who played about an hour of hide and shriek is quite the task. By 1pm everyone was quiet and I got into bed expecting to have to get up within a couple minutes to put someone back in bed or take someone to the bathroom. To my surprise the next time I opened my eyes the clock said 3:45 and I could hear Lunden waking up. Everyone had a great sleep except Xavier, who assured me he had a good quiet playing rest in his room. I got up and got ready for work in a daze. I had completely forgotten how disoriented naps can make you since it has bee about 5 yrs since I had one. I was a little clumsy at work and had trouble concentrating but I had it through and feel pretty good today. Here are some pictures of the kids having lunch. I also took pictures of the Christmas pictures the kids coloured that have been decorating our walls for the last month. I think it is time to take them down but I wanted a record of their hard work!


Carolee said...

So sorry to see the beautiful artwork go - but there's 11 months to work up some more!

Lunch looked delicious and cozy.

Andie said...

Do you use the new blogger (do you have a google account). I use the old blogger and it asked me for a google account to post pics.... what the heck is going on?

Congrats on the nap... that is great!

Jennifer said...

yeah I have new new blogger. Super easy to post pics